Tuesday 9 December 2014


So many find winter empty, and bare, and lonely. They forget that the trees which provide shade in Summer also provide something to look at, to focus on, in Winter.

Find a tree, any tree. Perhaps a tree in your yard, or in a public park, perhaps a wild tree in the mountains.

But a tree that has caught your attention and draws your eye, one you wonder about.

What is this tree?
By what names is it known?
Why is it growing right here?
What will the leaves look like in summer?
Will it have flowers?
What are its seeds and how are they dispersed?

Through the Winter, through the time of reflection and darkness when we cannot be outside all the time, it's a good moment to research. Answer those questions. Get to know that tree.

And then, when Spring and Summer do come you will recognize the tree when it's clothed in leaves and also when naked in winter.

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