Monday 27 April 2015

Calgary Druid Walk at Confederation Park

Our first official Druid Walk was held Sunday April  26 in Confederation Park. There were four of us and one big dog.

Spring is coming! - Confederation Park 
Confederation Park is a beautiful old park in a long narrow ravine. The grass is starting to turn green and some of the leaves are opening up.

We arrived at 10:30 am at the eastern edge of the park ready to start a new tradition. Once we were all gathered, we headed out, walking along the paths and on the grass, under trees and over bridges to the western edge of the park at 14th St W.  Our walk was about an hour long with plenty of stops to get closer looks at the various trees and plants  along our way.   Next time I will bring a tree identification book.

Wouldn't a tree guide app be helpful?

Also, a birders handbook would be

There were other people in the park, small groups mostly, with families and pets, even some trying to fly a kite.  There seemed to be quite a large group of people in among the ducks.

Duck Duck Duck Duck Duck Goose
Besides just seeing plenty of ducks and geese we learned of  a silly game called "Duck Butts".  Ask about it at the next gathering, if you are curious!

One of many bridges - Confederation Park

I lost count of the number of bridges we crossed during our walk. The water was low and easy going, for now.  In another month or so the mountain run off will bring more water  to Calgary and some through this ravine.   We crossed on stepping stones which will be submerged later on in the year. 

Wetland - Confederation Park

This area is designed as a natural wetland and is quite a contrast to the more manicured sections of the park. The birds must love it here.   To the north and south of the park, beautiful homes over look the ravine.  It is amazing to me that when you are down in the center of the valley, you really don't notice the houses.   What a beautiful back yard to have!

Wetland explanation - Confederation Park

A nice surprise were these Pussy Willows near the end of the walk.    They don't last long and will be gone before I get a chance to come back.

Pussy Willows - Confederation Park

Here and there we saw broken branches from last years early snowfall. The city employees had been busy with the clean up.   There are lots of great picnic spots and perfect places to play.  Bocce ball and croquet sound like perfect ways to enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the park.

April 2015 - Confederation Park - Calgary

Each month, on the 4th Sunday, we will have a Calgary Druid walk and explore some of the many parks we have in our city.  I am looking forward to discovering many interesting natural places!

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