Sunday 19 April 2015

Observations from Nature - April

On my walk today I was surprised how dry the grass was. There was no water laying around and barely a cloud in the sky, and I began to wish for rain. What I did see were crows! Lots and lots of crows. I hope they are bringing rain.

I stopped to take a few pictures to share here, wanting to show some of the prairie  plants.  The first was up on the top of a hill in an old gravel pit.   On first look the spot has plenty of sunshine and wind, and not much else; until you look closer.  

Bloom where you are planted!

Near the end of my walk, in a neighbour hood green space I noticed this young poplar tree and it's amazing out stretched roots. I must have been getting tired and focusing on the ground more than usual as I don't recall ever noticing how the roots spread out in a sunburst pattern.

I hope you enjoy this little look from around here on a walk with a local Calgary Druid. 

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