Tuesday 26 May 2015

Calgary Druid walk at Griffith Woods park

A Sunday morning walk in the park sounds wonderful, and it was wonderful. We were a small group of happy wandering, garden talking, nature loving friends with no plans other than to see what we would see.
The beautiful park sign boasts of orchids, but I think it is too early in the season to see them.  I guess I will have to come back just to look for the flowers!

Griffith Woods Park Sign

The trails are all mapped out, and there are many 'you are here' signs,  but my friend and I seemed to spend most of our time off the official trails,  and instead found ourselves drawn to the paths along the rivers edge.  The water was fascinating, lazily moving along. It is nice and calm now,  but in a few weeks when the 'flood season' arrives, it might not be as mellow.  I suppose it depends on the rain.

Griffith Woods Park Trail Sign

As the name implies, this park is all about the trees!  Beautiful and wild.

What path are you on?
The river seemed to be everywhere, little tributaries and bends, with evidence of past floods to remind us of the power of nature.

Elbow River at Griffith Woods Park, Calgary
I was also reminded of the cycle of life, especially here, with this giant fallen tree and the small saplings around it.

New trees and Old trees

Wild strawberries poked up here and there, right on the paths in some places. I might not have noticed them, if it wasn't for the familiar white blossoms.
Wild Strawberries

Griffith Woods is a perfect place to go to cool off in the summer, with lots of shady paths to wander along.  There is more information on the park and the story of how it was donated to the City of Calgary here:  Griffith Woods Calgary Park

The next Calgary Druid Walk will be June 28, at Twelve Mile Coulee.   For a list of upcoming walks, check here: Chinook Hills Calgary Druid Walks

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  1. Looks like a wonderful place to wander in the shade. Thanks :)