Friday 19 June 2015

Alban Hefin - Summer Solstice

As the Sun descends in the West tonight,
Setting in the far northwest behind the grey and ragged line of the Rockies,
The time for preparation has come.

In night that is never dark,
I sit before my Lady's flame,
Calling into my depths,
Into the stillness of the stars and reach for balance.

So many things to do,
People to meet,
Stuff to take care of.

Gardens to weed,
Trees to tend,
Herbs to prune.

Children to drive,
Work to check,
Piano to practice.

Cool breezes,
Pink and orange clouds,
Thunder in the distance.

The setting of the Sun this night is a brief reprieve
From endless doings, and busy-ness.

But it is a rest.
A chance to ponder,
A time to reflect on how I got here.
Not there.

Where will I be tomorrow?
How will I grow to be that person?
Will She guide me, in her tender Flame?
Will He guide me, with his burning Eye?

When I look into His face
Rising so soon after scarcely settling to rest

I will know.

Beneath the heights of His powerful noontide rays
Into the depths of my being

I will know.

(c)Amethyst BanDraoi
Alban Hefin, 2015

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