Thursday 15 October 2015

Druid walk St Patrick's Island

Our monthly Druid Walks are taking us to all parts of the city and to all kinds of wonderful parks. 

This time we met in Inglewood, one of Calgary's oldest neighborhoods.   It is a short walk from the cafe across the bridge to St. Patrick's Island.   On the east end of the island is the Calgary Zoo.  On the west end is the redeveloped St. Patrick's Island Park, our Druid Walk destination.

You can read all about the changes to the park here:  St Patrick's Island Park  

It seems water has been brought back onto the island, with channels, coves and places to safely step off of the land and into the water.  

A huge big hill has been built (with the earth moved for the water channels) - perfect for sledding in the winter.  Even more interesting to a Druid is that on the very top of the hill is a fire pit!  It is a climb up to the top, but the view is wonderful, and if you are so inclined, a roll down the grassy slope might be fun.

There are lots of  benches, picnic spots and bar-b-ques as well   I am sure this park will be busy every summer weekend!  Top that off with a wonderful playground and an outdoor amphitheater and you can see something for everyone.

You are never far from the Bow River in this park  We walked a loop from Inglewood, onto the island, and then back across the river to the south side along beside Fort Calgary.  

The old Poplar trees provide much loved shade along the pathways. There are also new trees, shrubs and grasses planted throughout the park.  

We ended the Druid Walk in a cafe for refreshments and good conversation.   Our walks are evolving into lovely social events with some fresh air, trees and birds and good company.

Our next walk will be at Edworthy Park.  We will meet at Angel's Cappuccino and Ice Cream Cafe, 4105 Montgomery View NW at 10:30 am, October 25th.

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