Thursday 10 March 2016

Wetland Druid Walk Feb 28 with friends

February 28th was an overcast day with a chinook arch visible  way to the west.  The sun tried to poke through, and eventually almost did.

The wetlands path is an area between Stoney Trail and the last row of homes.  There are several ponds and patches of trees and meadows along the way.

Looking straight out, you first see this pond/slough/marsh and in the distance, the highway.  The park is much more interesting to the south.

The water was still mostly frozen, and strangely beautiful with the old reeds poking through.  I am excited to return throughout the year, to see it again when it is green and filled with birdsong.

This is a great habitat for ducks and soon it will be very busy.

The Rotary/Mattamy Greenway is a path system that entirely encircles the city with 138km of paths.  It is not quite complete in some places of the city, but all along the way are sign posts, benches and garbage bins.  It is an accessible nature walk for everyone in the city.  When completed it will be the longest urban path system in the world.

There are several little groves and one cannot help but notice these trees have eyes!

This side path leads to a little meadow, almost completely surrounded by trees.  A perfect place for a druid picnic!

We left an Awen symbol in this magical place, with frozen earth, melting snow, fallen twigs and leaves and a bit of grey light coming through the clouds.  

After we wondered off  the paved path and ventured into the trees and meadow, our group was quick to point out all the little groves and places we might gather for a ritual.  It was impossible to tell how busy this place will be in the summer, but well worth coming back in a summer evening.

This is last look back at the park, with the sun trying to shine through,  a chinook arch in the distance, a meadow, trees  and a frozen pond.  

Spring Blessings to all,

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