Listed below are some of the books on our private bookshelves.  They may or not be read yet, but they are physically at hand.

Feather's books:

  • Llewellyn's 2014 Herbal Almanac
  • Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom, A Celtic Shaman's Source Book by Caitlin & John Matthews
  • Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O'Donohue
  • The Druidry Handbook, Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth,  by John Michael Greer
  • The Druid Magic Handbook, Ritual Magic Rooted in the Living Earth, by John Michael Greer
  • Celtic Myth & Magick, Harnessing the Power of the Gods and Goddesses, by Edain McCoy
  • Crystal Enchantmets, A Complete Guide to Stones and Their Magical Properties D.J. Conway

Amethyst's Collection

The collection of books that I have accumulated over the past 18 years is rather staggering... Yet I noticed immediately the lack of many that I feel should be in my collection. Perhaps it's time to buy books, rather than yarn!

These are available for short-term borrowing to Grove members. They are all books which have informed my practice of Druidry, even though some may not look like they belong on the list.


  • In the Grove of the Druids - Philip Carr-Gomm
  • The Book of English Magic - Philip Carr-Gomm
  • The Celtic Tradition - Caitlin Matthews
  • Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom - Caitlin and John Matthews
  • Spirits of the Sacred Grove - Emma Restall Orr
  • Living Druidry - Emma Restall Orr
  • Kindling the Celtic Spirit - Mara Freeman
  • Deep Ancestors - Ceisiwr Serith
  • The Other Side of Virtue - Brendan Myers
  • Uriel's Machine - Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas
  • Anam Cara - John O'Donahue
  • Newgrange: Temple to Life - Chris O'Callaghan
  • Island of the Setting Sun - Anthony Murphy & Richard Moore
  • The Wisdom of Trees - Jane Gifford
  • Hermetica


  • The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations - Claire Hamilton
  • The Celtic Spirit - Caitlin Matthews
  • Celtic Devotional - Caitlin Matthews
  • A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book - Ceisiwr Serith
  • A Book of Pagan Prayer - Ceisiwr Serith
  • The Druid Animal Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm
  • The Druid Plant Oracle - Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm


  • A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year - Ellen Evert Hopman
  • A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine - Ellen Evert Hopman
  • Walking the World in Wonder: A Children's Herbal - Ellen Evert Hopman
  • Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs - Chris Cunningham

Tree/Plant Guides

  • Handbook of the Canadian Rockies - Ben Gadd
  • Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland -
  • Plants of Coastal BC
  • Southern Interior BC & the Inland NW
  • Edible & Medicinal Plants of Canada
  • A Handbook of Scottish Trees


  • Complete Irish Mythology - Lady Augusta Gregory, ed. WB Yeats
  • Le Morte D'Arthur - Sir Thomas Mallory, ed. John Matthews
  • The Mabinogion - Lady Charlotte Guest, unabridged
  • The Táin - trans. Thomas Kinsella
  • The Iron Druid Chronicles - Kevin Hearne (yes, these are modern fiction, but well worth reading!)

Cuardaitheoir's Collection (ebooks mostly)

Druid Related Books I have Read:
1.       Blood and Mistletoe – Ronald Hutton
2.       The Druid Way – Graeme Talboys
3.       Druid Mysteries – Philip Carr-Gomm
4.       Pagan Briton – Ronald Hutton
5.       Druid Craft – Philip Carr-Gomm
6.       Ancient Ireland –Life Before The Celts – Laurence Flanagan
7.       The Druidry Handbook – John Michael Greer
8.       The Pagan Christ – Tom Harpur
9.       A Druid’s Tale – Cat Treadwell
10.   The Druid’s Primer – Luke Eastwood
11.   The Religion of the Ancient Celts – JA MacCulloucgh
12.   The Philosopher and the Druids – Philip Freeman (about Posidonius)
13.   Ireland In Prehistory – Michael Herity
14.   The True Origins of Irish Society – Desmond Keenan
15.   There is Life After Death – Tom Harpur
16.   Saxons, Vikings and Celts – Bryan Sykes (Genetic study of UK, Wales and Ireland)
17.   For Christ’s Sake – Tom Harpur
18.   Myths and Legends of the Celts – James MacKillop
19.   The Druids – Peter Berresford Ellis
20.   Physics in Mind – Werner Loewens
21.   The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot
22.   Mythologies – W B Yeats
23.   The Portable William Blake – W Blake
24.   Entangled Minds – Dean Radin
25.   The Quantum Age  - Brian Clegg
26.   Prehistoric Ireland: A Manual of Irish Pre Christian Archaeology – P Patrick Power
27.   Irish Fairy and Folk Tales – Edited by WB Yeats
28.   A Book of Irish Verse – WB Yeats
29.   The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly P Hall (encyclopedic in nature)
30.   Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies – Linda Kershaw
31.   The SAS Handbook of Living Off The Land – Chris McNab
32.   Druidry and Meditation – Nimue Brown
33.   Pagan Portals-Spirituality without Structure – Nimue Brown
34.   The Book of English Magic – Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate
35.   The Druid Magic Handbook – John Michael Greer
36.   Shaman Pathways – The Druid Shaman – Danu Forest
37.   What do Druids Believe? – Philip Carr-Gomm

Books I am reading next:
38.   Four Elements – John O’Donohue
39.   The Mist-Filled Path – Frank MacEowen
40.   Anam Cara – John O’Donohue

Books I am considering to read/experience next:
41.   Pagan Dreaming – Nimue Brown
42.   Old Gods, New Druids – Robin Herne
43.   When a Pagan Prays – Nimue Brown
44.   The Druid Animal Oracle – Philip Carr-Gomm

Other Non-“Druidy” authors/books I have really enjoyed:

45.   Read all books by author Peter F Hamilton – SciFi (space opera)
46.   Neuromancer – William Gibson (Cyberpunk)
47.   Mona Lisa Overdrive – William Gibson
48.   Spook Country – William Gibson
49.   Count Zero – William Gibson
50.   Anathem – Neal Stephenson
51.   Crypytonomicon – Neal Stephenson
52.   Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson
53.   Read all books by author Dan Simmons – SciFi
54.   Stranger in Strange Land – Robert A Heinlein
55.   The Moon is  Harsh Mistress – Robert A Heinlein
56.   Foundation Series – Isaac Asimov
57.   Read all books by author James Rollins
58.   Ubik – Philip K Dick
59.   The Hydrogen Sonata – Iain M Banks
60.   Matter – Iain M Banks


The purpose of this listing is to facilitate sharing of resources among our group. Each individual is the "Boss" of his or her own library, and may or may not be willing, able or interested in giving book reviews or lending books.  (but probably they will be)    

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