Wednesday 28 December 2016

Druid Walk, January 1st, Riley Park

Our next Druid Walk is coming quickly, on January 1st at 11:00am.   We will meet at the  Second Cup across from the Kensington Safeway.   (338 - 10 Street NW)

We will walk through Riley Park and the Senator Patrick Burns Rock Garden.

Happy New Year!

Peace Bridge Druid Walk

Our Druid Walk along and across the Bow River, downtown Calgary on Nov 13th was a bright and sunny day.   As you can see from the pictures, the sky was blue and river  quickly flowing.   Our group met and crossed the first bridge into Prince's Island Park, from the North.

An oak leaf on the bridge was a sign of good things to come.
The park is home to many Canadian Geese.

This little red squirrel was watching us walk past.

Here a gull tests the ice ... not quite thick enough for human skaters...

We often see red squirrels, grey and even black squirrels in Calgary,  but this is the first black one with a red tail.

At the west end of the park, we crossed the river on the beautiful Peace Bridge. 

Even broken glass is pretty in the sunshine...

It is an interesting spot to take photos from.  Depending on just which angle you face, you can have a city picture, or nature shot.  Somehow the city can hide behind the willows and poplars.

Back on the north side of the river, we walked down to 10th Street and Kensington and a stop in the Oolong Tea House.  Tea, cookies and good conversation always seem to be a favoured part of the Druid Walk.

This is a little grove of Oak Trees between Memorial Drive and the Bow River.  A spot to be revisited.

As always, a lovely walk with friends, and reminder to have a look around,  nature is everywhere, even downtown in the city.

Winter Blessings,

Sunday 13 November 2016

Bow River Pathway Bridges Druid Walk

Our next walk will be November 27th, along the Bow River.  We will meet at 10:30 am at the Calgary Curling Club parking lot along Memorial Drive.  The address is 720 3rd Street NW.     We will then walk west along the Bow River to the Peace Bridge, and if the weather is nice,  farther to the next Bridge towards Kensinton.
We will  cross the river and walk East through Prince's Island Park, and grab a coffee at Eau Claire Market before heading back across the river to the curling club.

It sounds more complicated than it is.  

See you there!

Confluence Park and Birth Place Forest

We had a wonderful walk with new friends amongst the 6000 trees planted here at Confluence Park in 2007.   It is a shame that the planting of Birth Place forests did not continue after 2009.  These little trees have done well, and grown significantly since the last time I walked here, a year ago.

There was frost on the ground, but the sun was shining and quickly melting all signs of the cold weather.  It was a day to be wrapped up in warm wooly clothes, but after a few minutes of walking, we were warm enough.

It looked like the grasses and wild flowers had grown very tall over the summer,  making this a sort of 'wild space', although a relatively new park.  The forest is on a formerly bare hill top, overlooking Nose Creek.  The trees are becoming a wonderful wind break.

Piles of sandstone rocks add visual interest, and if you use your imagination a bit, can remind one of Standing Stones.

The trees are planted around the outside of the space,  leaving a long narrow meadow in between.   This is a very quite space, even though it is so close to the busy Beddington Trail roadway.   It was quite amazing how as soon as we left the little forest,  the sound of traffic bombarded us in the parking lot.

Most of the leaves had already fallen, but here and there where a few still hanging on.     The fox tail was very pretty, with its purple, green and gold colours in the sun.

Looking to the North, we could see the walking trails along Nose Creek Parkway, and across to the community of Harvest Hills.

Over this last little hill is the parking lot,  and back to the noise and bustle of the city.
In fact, after our walk, we drove off to Starbucks to continue the visit over hot drinks.

Blessings to all,

Saturday 22 October 2016

October 23 Druid Walk

We will meet at Confluence Park at 10:30 am  for a walk through the 2007 BirthPlace Forest, and along Nose Creek.

Park in the lot at 300 Beddington Trail NE    This is at the intersection of Beddington Blvd and Beddington Trail NE.

Confluence Park

Of course, dress for the weather!



Monday 17 October 2016

Autumn Beginnings

Autumn is such a curious time of year. We celebrate the harvesting of our year's hard work, and the dying of the year that has been. Yet it is also the time of new beginnings - here in Canada our school year begins in September.

The new must come from the ashes of the old, just as we harvest the seeds for next year's crop from the fruits of this year's labour.

In terms of esoteric work, it is a good time for Initiation. A moment that begins a new journey which takes us deep into the still, quiet winter of our Selves.

And so, on a beautiful autumn prairie weekend, the Grove was blessed to initiate a new member into the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Welcome Eilantha! May your journey be blessed /|\