Thursday 28 January 2016

Calgary Druid walk at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful and quiet place to walk in any season.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a nice and snowy winter day on January 24, 2016.  It was not very cold, but it was very white.     

When the sky is white, and the ground is white, the trees are even more incredibly amazing.

There were a few other people while we at the Bird Sanctuary, but for the most part it was very quiet.

The black capped chickadees were friendly and followed us around, obviously we were expected to bring some bird seed for the little fellows.  Next time I will remember!

They were not afraid to come in for a closer look.  

There were huge flocks of ducks and geese at the river,  all coming and going with plenty of honking and quacking.  There were Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks and many others.

We saw two bald eagles as well.  A dark headed jeauvenille, and a white headed adult.  Bald eagles do not get their famous white head feathers until they are 5 years old.

The eagles flew back and forth over the park and the river many times,  giving us plenty of time to see just how large and majestic they really are.

Bald Eagle in flight photo by Angela Boyko 
Bald Eagle in flight photo by Angela Boyko 

This was the first time I did not see a deer at the Bird Sanctuary.  I have no doubt the deer saw us, and were probably peeking out from the brush as we walked past!

At the end of the walk, the sky seemed a little bit bluer.  Afterwards, we stopped for late brunch at the Blackfoot Truckstop Diner.  Good conversation, coffee and breakfast - always a perfect end to a winter walk.

Check here for the schedule and locations of upcoming Druid Walks.  If you would like to join us, please send an email to at least the day before so we can arrange to meet up.  

Wonderful Winter Blessings and a Joyous Imbolc to you!

Friday 22 January 2016

Druid Walk, January 24, 2016 at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

We will meet at 10:30 AM  at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary,  inside the visitors center.

 Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Dress for the weather!  Every is welcome.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Winter Eye Candy

Winter can seem long, dark, dreary and cold,  but, really, it is so much more; if you go out and look in nature. The trees are still there,  animals and birds are around, the river hasn't left.  You just have to go find them, and although things look different under that chilly white blanket, it all still feels the same.  Wonderful.

These are a few pictures taken yesterday on a little hike near Sundre Alberta.  

Anyone can go outside and look around,  you will probably be the better for it.

Bright Winter Blessings!

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Meeting and Ceremony Dates for Chinook Hills Calgary Druids

Our schedule, for those who wish to plan ahead, and those who are interested in joining us:


Location and times to be shared by email in the weeks before the meetings.

Monday, Jan 18, 2016
Thursday Mar 10, 2016
Monday Apr 18, 2016
Thursday Jun 9, 2016
Monday Jul 11, 2016
Thursday Sep 12, 2016
Thursday Oct 20, 2016


Location and times to be shared by email closer to the dates of the ceremonies.  If you would like to attend a Ceremony contact us the week before the ceremony at   We like to meet and visit a bit over coffee before extending an invitation to newcommers.

Imbolc - Sunday Jan 31, 2016
Alban Eilier - Sunday Mar 20, 2016
Beltane - Sunday May 1, 2016
Lughnasadh - Sunday Jul 31, 2016
Alban Elfed - Wednesday Sep 21, 2016
Samhain - Sunday Oct 30. 2016

Druid Walks:

Druid walks are open to everyone, held the fourth Sunday of every month in Calgary public parks and are a great way to get to know the beautiful outdoor spaces around us.   Times and locations are published on this blog prior to the walks.
We almost always stop for coffee/treats/lunch or something afterwards.

Jan 24, 2016
Feb 28, 2016
Mar 27, 2016
Apr 24, 2016
May 22, 2016
Jun  26, 2016
Jul  24, 2016
Aug 28 2016
Sep 25. 2016
Oct 23, 2016

Social Moots:

If you would like to attend a Moot, contact us at least the week before the date at

Sunday Mar 27, 2016 after the Druid Walk
Jul 15-17 at South Country Fair (Camping trip)
Sep 2016  after Pagan Pride

Blessings of Awen

Monday 4 January 2016

Prince's Island Calgary Druid Walk

We met for our walk on a sunny Chinook day at the south end of the bridge leading to Prince's Island.  The city had just recently opened the lagoon ice for public skating, and there were many skaters enjoying the beautiful day.

It would be very pretty in the evening, with all the lights twinkling!  We were just happy to have the sun shining and warm winds of the Chinook.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that this park is right downtown!

We walked all around the island park, most of the paths were clear of snow and there were quite  a few others out enjoying the day.  

The trees, majestic as usual, stood tall and silent.  The park was very peaceful today,  much different than on summer weekends, when thousands of festival goers pack in.  

The  Bow River seemed to be flowing very quickly, although we did not venture too close to see it.

The glass marbles in this artwork catch the sunlight, and really shine like jewels. It is very pretty and bright with the snow reflecting the light too.  The pictures do not do it justice!

To our surprise and definite  delight the River Cafe was open, and a perfect place to end our Druid Walk.  A Druid Brunch was enjoyed by all!

Happy New Year Blessings to All!