Monday 4 January 2016

Prince's Island Calgary Druid Walk

We met for our walk on a sunny Chinook day at the south end of the bridge leading to Prince's Island.  The city had just recently opened the lagoon ice for public skating, and there were many skaters enjoying the beautiful day.

It would be very pretty in the evening, with all the lights twinkling!  We were just happy to have the sun shining and warm winds of the Chinook.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that this park is right downtown!

We walked all around the island park, most of the paths were clear of snow and there were quite  a few others out enjoying the day.  

The trees, majestic as usual, stood tall and silent.  The park was very peaceful today,  much different than on summer weekends, when thousands of festival goers pack in.  

The  Bow River seemed to be flowing very quickly, although we did not venture too close to see it.

The glass marbles in this artwork catch the sunlight, and really shine like jewels. It is very pretty and bright with the snow reflecting the light too.  The pictures do not do it justice!

To our surprise and definite  delight the River Cafe was open, and a perfect place to end our Druid Walk.  A Druid Brunch was enjoyed by all!

Happy New Year Blessings to All!

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